Sep 18, 2008

* Lilac Eyes * Destressing during the holidays

The lilac look is great more most people whether you have light/fair features, or whether you have dark features. Purple is very hot now and will continue to be so. Also the Lilac look is such a great fresh look for the summer. You can also substitute a sky or powder blue to achieve the same effect. Blue shadows will dull blue eyes so I would skip blues all together. Go with purple or gray if you want a cool effect. When you are wearing Lilac eyes you want to make the rest of your face subtle. It's all about the "Focus on one Feature rule."

Before applying foundation to your face, put some moisturizer on your face first. It makes the foundation go on easier therefor you'll be able to blend it better. There are also moisturizers that are tinted and have foundation in them if you don't want heavy coverage or don't need it at all. More blend able tinted foundations contain sunscreen.

To make your nose look smaller, dust a light brown power on the sides. Make sure the color you use is the natural shadowing your skin would have. Not everyone would use brown some may use a red or pinkish purple color. Depending on they're coloring. Basically a shade darker than your skin color for a shadow effect.

For long lasting makeup :

  1. Apply concealer and foundation first so eye makeup mistakes will be easy to fix.
  2. Next set with loose power in the t-zone and eyes.
  3. Apply eye makeup and blush and use a nude or natural lip liner,color lips and blot with tissue.
  4. Lightly dust a tiny bit of lose powder over lips and add one last coat of lipstick.
  5. Put a line of lipstick on each cheek,lightly blend into skin for a cream blush. Plus it'll match your lipstick perfectly. **Though if you have sensitive skin don't try this, or oily skin**
  6. Sensitive or oily skin should try powder or gel blush. Some gel blushes come in a easy to use pop up tube.

More tips and tricks coming soon! Next de-stressing during the fall and winter season.

Finally the Holidays!:

Everyone is buying gifts, singing songs, getting into the Holiday spirit, and many people are stressed out.

Here's what to do.

  • Take a bubble bath when no ones home or go to a nice hotel or spa for the half the day. This relieves tons of stress and tension. If you just want to take a bath at home. That's great too.
  • Put some small candles in your bathroom and light them. You can make the candles scented or not. Remember though, the candles shouldn't have a strong smell to them since you want to relieve stress not get a headache from smelling strong Oder's.
  • Try a cup of hot herbal tea. Teas are becoming increasingly popular and maybe more popular than coffee in the U.S. Many coffee shop now serve an assortment of tea flavors including jasmine. If low on cash or you may just want to be home, I mean how at ease are you at home relaxing, try some Sleepy Time Tea.
  • One last way to do this is to sleep. You can even go to a friends house and take a nap or a few hours. When you wake up you'll feel refreshed.
  • Try using essential oil bath salts or just plain bath salts.
  • Soup or a hot meal is very soothing. I know common sense stuff.
  • Warm cozy sock or a good book curled up in your warm bed.
  • Try not waking tv in your room a few hours before going to bed if your having trouble sleeping.

    Skin care for winter:
  1. Sleep more during the winter season you'll feel better and refreshed for the day.
  2. Put a little more moisturizer on and exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week. That is about the amount of times your skin naturally exfoliates when your in your teenage years.

Take care of yourself and as always skin is in.

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