Jul 31, 2009

How To Apply Red Lipstick

1. Apply a light layer of foundation to your lips. Allow a few seconds to dry.

2. Dust the lips with a layer of powder.

3. Outline lips with lip liner if your lipstick tends to bleed at the edges. Be sure that the pencil matches your lip color.

4. Apply color (with a brush) to the center of your lips first and then brush color out toward the edges. This little rule of thumb will prevent you from applying too much. With the intensiveness of the lip color, a thin wash of color is all that is needed.

5. Blot lips with a tissue.

6. Re-apply a second layer of lipstick with your lip brush. The application of the second layer over a blotted first layer will ensure that your color lasts for hours.

If your lips are too thin, bright reds will make them look more prominent.
Lips that are too full can be minimized by using brown or blue reds.
Having a hard time finding a red that suits you? Go to a cosmetic counter and ask for help. The salesperson will be happy to assist you. (It is in their best interest to provide you with the best shade for your coloring.)

There is a red for you. Everyone can wear red, you simply have to find the right shade. With my yellow skin tones, my best reds have either orange or brown added to the formulation.

- by Kelley

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